Estate Litigation

Although the goal of estate planning is to ensure that every eventuality is prepared for prior to one’s death, unforeseen circumstances do arise. Unfortunately, once an individual has passed away, it is difficult to remedy a situation that may have been overlooked.

Often times, it is up to the courts to determine the rights and obligations of those that could be entitled to share in the estate of someone that has died.

At Patten Thornton, we can act on behalf of a beneficiary or executor and we would be pleased to assist you with any estate litigation issue you may have, including:

  • commencing and pursing  a wills variation claim;
  • defending a wills variation claim;
  • conducting settlement negotiations in a wills variation claim;
  • litigation involving the construction of a will;
  • commencing or defending a lawsuit regarding allegations of undue influence or mental incapacity of the testator; and
  • communicating with the Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia regarding claims involving minors.

Please contact us to discuss your estate litigation issue with one of our lawyers.